Dec 11, 2009

Lesson from new semester

Assalamualaikum. As for today post, I am not going to talk about how is exactly I feel in the first day of this new semester. Let us share few circumstances happened when new semester is about to begin.
Some of you may wonder “what should I do for this semester?”
Some may act normal and be not very concern with the new semester.
Some may outlined a new mission and strategy on how to improve their pointer (CGPA) for this semester.
Some may still have the feeling of dissatisfaction upon their result “I suppose to get at least A-, but how come I get B? I scored quite high in my carry mark, I confirm that I did my final very well.”
Some still come to class without at least a purpose.
Some still having their old habit of getting late to class.
Some may think that a new semester is a kick start to change ourselves.
Some with passion and enthusiasm went to the library at the first day, borrowed some books for this semester subjects.
Some had even start a new identity, executed the changes inside themselves with hope that this changes might benefit them according to the way they want.
We have been through this a lot friends, we might be the one of the “some” that I had mentioned earlier.
As for me, a new semester is a lesson to those ignorance and remembrance. Stop having an idea “a new semester as a new beginning” instead knock on our head so that it can leave a scar of an idea that every single day is the new beginning.
We cannot be someone who only wait for a new semester to change and transform, we cannot be someone who “gila rajin” only when the final exam is just around the corner, we cannot be someone who doing the same things every day over and over again, we cannot do the same things like what we did from previous semester, we cannot do the same things like what we did yesterday.
A change must be made every day. To improve oneself it requires commitment and discipline. Yes I do very agree that “we are what we are”, and this is “the way I am” however if we are the laziest person from the previous semester, do we still want it to be what we are in this semester? If we are the most popular procrastinator ever known before, do we still want it to be what we are right now? If we used to be the type of person who always thinks “lantak la aku punya hal”, do we still want it to be what we are at this moment?
When regret bonded you tightly and when failure says “Hi”, I dare to challenge ourselves, tell me, how many “lantak la” or “peduli apa aku” we can say? We remain silent when we face this kind of situation, we regret for saying that before “kalaulah aku dengar cakap A mesti benda tak jadi macam ni” “kalaulah aku study awal-awal mesti aku bole score” “kalaulah aku tahan diri sikit dari tengok cd ni mesti aku ada masa lagi nak belajar” either you and me we tend to be someone who always “menyesal bila benda dah jadi”
We need to transform ourselves every day. From good to better and from better to brilliant, from brilliant to excellence, and from excellence to distinction.
What we did today make sure we perfect it tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow must be better than tomorrow, and the next day must brilliant and so on. If we are the same person every day doing nothing to improve ourselves then what’s the purpose Allah created us to be His caliph in this blessed earth. Islam needed us, we change not because of others but we change because we want it to be someone who benefits Islam in many ways.
“takpelah hari ni aku malas sikit, Insyallah besok aku mesti siapkan kerja ni!”
“hari ni aku dah buang banyak masa berborak and bergelak tawa dengan member-member sampai tak ingat dunia, besok Insyallah aku kena topup balik masa ni untuk study or buat something yang berfaedah!”
“Last semester aku selalu lambat datang kelas, semester ni aku mesti datang awal dan paling penting aku tak boleh ponteng kelas, tak kisah la lecturer tu bosan ke tak, Insyallah aku boleh!”
“last semester aku selalu study gila-gila bila nak dekat final, sem ni aku kena mula study dari awal, 1 hari 2 page pun jadi la, asalkan aku kena study awal, Insyallah!”
“last semester aku ni macam katak bawah tempurung, lagi teruk dari tu pun ada, aku takda langsung leadership skill ni, nak join society or ada jawatan dekat mana-mana student bodies organization aku malas, tapi this sem tak boleh lagi! Aku kena belajar dari sekarang! Kalau tak susah nak cari kerja kalau aku takda soft skill, sem ni aku kena volunteer active kan diri aku! Insyallah”
These are the types of positive influences that we should nurture inside ourselves. Try to improve ourselves from day to day, we lost nothings in becoming a positive, instead we gain many things in becoming it. Rely only to Allah, that may He firm our stand and our intention to change, may He help us in becoming Istiqomah and makes everything simple on our journey to change.

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