Dec 17, 2009

Lesson from the Heavy Rain

It was a heavy rain outside, my roommates all fell into a very deep sleep. I don’t know where the dreams bring them altogether. Today Alhamdulillah, I woke up early in the morning. I did prepare some revision for my discussion. When I looked outside of my window I did suddenly remember about Kak Ayat’ present card that she gave me and my other friends in my usrah. On the card there lie the Qur’anic verses (Abasa: 24-32)

“maka hendaklah manusia memerhatikan makanannya. Sesungguhnya Kami telah mencurahkan hujan selebat-lebatnya, kemudian Kami belah bumi dengan sebaik-baiknya, lalu Kami tumbuhkan biji-bijian padanya, anggur dan sayuran, zaitun dan Kurma..”


Allah loves me, loves my parents, my family, my friends, all the Muslim and all the humankind. This rain is one of His pleasures given to us. The calmness that we feel in this rain, a warm welcome by it winds, and the hybrid rhythmic of it water droplets all make sense to me that

“Tiada Pemberi Rezeki Kecuali Allah”

I am not a good Muslim, a good daughter, a good granddaughter, a good student, a good sister, a good friend and I don’t know if neither I can be a good mother to my children or a good wife because nothing is good in me. It is a very far journey to make a massive improvement. Islam teach me that

“Never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own soul)” –verse 13:11

It is a promise said by Allah, if there is no good in me then I have to change all of it. I may not be the one who is good in everything, but I have to teach myself that I can become better than the good one. Allah created me with a perfect measure. It is my thankful towards Allah that I have to work hard to become better, Insyallah.


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Insyaallah...May Allah bless all of us...

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