Apr 23, 2012

In Solidarity With Syria

Assalamualaikum wbt.


For the sake of Allah and humanity, lets show our support towards our brothers and sisters in Syria. Lets pray to Allah to crash and destroy the regime's of Basyar Assad into pieces!!

What you can do to show your support:

1) Pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria in every prayer.

"O Allah, only you the only best protecter amongst the protecter. Please Allah, help my brothers and sisters in Syria, in Palestine, Tunisia, Mesir, Libya and every Muslim around the world. Help us ya Allah, grant us strength to keep fighting for this deen and give us victory over the kuffar. O Allah, give the greatest pain and suffer to those kuffar who'd hurting my Muslim brothers and sisters. Amin"

2) Make a donation to them.

You can channel your donation through Islamic Relief Malaysia (here is the website Islamic Relief Malaysia ). Don't delay and make your infaq right now to help our brothers and sisters.

You may want to consider this method also: You can make a short presentation on showing your solidarity toward Syria. Maybe a video presentation or 3-7 minutes talks then you can distribute a donation envelopes and etc in your class. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is not just you who have the awareness, but your friend also can gain awareness and make infaq towards our brothers and sisters in Syria. (2 sides benefits each other).

3) Spread the awareness

Spread the awareness on Syria issues among family, friends and people around you. Spread it through your facebook account, twitter, google plus, blogspot and etc.

Post some news and update regarding Syria or maybe (Palestine, Mesir, Tunisia, Libya and etc) everyday without fail in your twitter, facebook, google plus, blogspot and etc.

4) Qunut Nazilah

Alhamdulillah, I'm doing it everyday in my every prayer and sometimes by watching some videos on what happen around the Muslim world I would make Qunut Nazilah as my supplication. Yo can do the same thing.

Search on the internet and ask you friend who had memorised it. Keep the copy of Qunut Nazilah and don't delay, start memorising it.

5) Keeping yourself update to them.

Watch the videos on the internet, read the articles and share it with your family and friends. Post it on any web account which you had.

Basyar's regime YOU WILL BE DEAD !! Amin.

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