Mar 27, 2010

When What Is Good, Is Not Good Enough

dear friends and followers..
Since we are at the youngest age of our life, the age where we become so maniac on sweets and chocolates. We know how to have for at least a dream on something.

At this youngest age we dreamed to be somebody someday,
we dreamed to be at some place someday,
we dreamed to see someone in our future,
we dreamed to have a big houses and big cars,
we dreamed to become richer so that we can buy anything that we like,
we dreamed to grow up and become an adult,
we dreamed to become someone with power,
we dreamed to meet power rangers live!
and we even dreamed to become a famous superstars,

when we think back at all this time that had passes by..we might laugh sometimes..because of all of these craziest dreamed that we ever vow to ourself..
seem so childish
and shaky...

we are what we used to be 10 years before today...
making a dream like we used to think that it is what is good for us...
but the truth,
we never know what's beyond it

having a dream you guys, making our life meaningful. I still remember when i was in primary school, i dreamed to enter boarding school just to avoid myself from people who used to underestimate my ability, looking me as someone useless,an ordinary and lame..

but what i wish is not what i gained in the end..due to my "the so so" result in my UPSR
i end up entering the private school, living far away from pampered home and tasty food, it was good then.. i did learn lots of things..

i must said that i grew up well in this many things i had been through it somehow taught me to be independent type of person.

see friends,
sometime what we think is always good to us are not likely good enough,
Allah know best..
be ambitious with what we dreamed for, but never forget to place tawakal above all the matters..
after all we are only human, slave and khalifah..
and pray is the weapon of us..

do remember dear friends and followers
Not everything of what we think is good, is good enough..