Dec 30, 2009

The Engagement Of Syikin & Zul

It was the 8th of Muharram when the engagement happened. It was a bless day though engagement particularly a pre wedding phase of every couples. When I went back from Johor in about 8 am in the morning of 11th Muharram, (from Syikin’s home sweet home) I did realize few things, that my roommate had engage to somebody, that we are getting older day by day and the next big thing of our entire life is to marry somebody, spend our lifetime together, even grow old together. I cannot bear to sleep even a minute after we arrived in UIA. I didn’t really know what is exactly I’m feel. Everything mixed and blur.

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My journey to Johor was not an empty walkway. I learned so many things from so many people over these 4 days of my most valuable day of my life.
I learned how to be a good mother, how to understand our children when we have one someday, how to respect our husband, how to be responsible and trustable wife, how to understand and entertain our parents, how to become a “sederhana” type of person, how to be good with everyone around us, how to be a wise budget planner and how to harmonize a family. All of these i learned from Cik Shida, the one whom i much more considered like my 2nd mother.

From Pak Cik Radzi, I learned how to control our anger and manage our patient on top of everything that pushes us away from the constraint of stress. He was a really cool person, he look a lot like my father.

From brother Faizal and his sweet life partner (InsyAllah) Shamsiah, I learned how to be a responsible eldest, a responsible child, how to support our family with the ability we have, how to be a “middle person” when everything went wrong and how to be honest and humble.

From Kak Yan I learned how to be a good, an easy going, responsible and trustable neighbour, how to decorate an engagement give and how to act young when your real age is not that young.

From Chinut and Zul both two of you were meant to meet each other by the will of Allah. I learned a lot from both of them. A lesson that can only myself understand and interpret. Neither words nor feeling are able to describe what I had been through with this 2 special friends I have. My pray will always be with you guys.

Ya Allah,
Kau jadikanlah sahabat ku ini Isteri yang taat sebagaimana taatnya Khadijah kepada Rasulullah saw. Kau jadikanlah sahabat ku ini Isteri yang bijak dan disenangi sebagaimana kau anugerahkan kepada Aisyah, Kukuhkan cinta mereka hanya keranaMu dan syiar Mu sebagaimana kukuhnya cinta Ali dan Fatimah. Berkati dan cintailah mereka dunia dan akhirat. Amin.

Semoga Allah permudahkan setiap urusan kalian.


chinut said...

tq for:
1) teman mak aku masa aku g kursus kawen
2) tolong mak aku masa kat dapur masa aku kuar amek samsiah n beli barang
3) tolong abg aku main silent hill yg dia sgkut
4) tolong serba - serbi dari 241209 - 271209


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Shaffiz said...

chinut da bertunang?? Alhamdulillah...semoga Allah berkati korang sentiasa....

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