Dec 1, 2009


When first kak huda stood still in front of the class asking for those wanted to join this program, nobody moved a muscle.

Imagined that we need to sacrifice almost rm200, makes the offer look dull like color never exist at all.

A few weeks or after a month if I still can remember..

She came in front, holding a mic and hoping the latest new that she will inform us had filch a space in our heart.

kak huda : "sapa nak join biomalaysia? fee kali hanya rm80 sbb kita dapat subsidi dari Kuliyyah.
sapa nak join tolong tulis nama and IC dekat dalam kertas ni ye."
(simultaneously showing the paper)


Almost >20 students showed up in front..everybody responded the announcement. all of them are girls (mana pergi brothers2 harapan bangsa ni?????)

We registered and confirmed as participant.

However, I still remember that night when my anatomy lab groups having a final lab report discussion together..they discuss a few things about BioMalaysia event..

me: ati mu g biomalaysia?
ati: ak dgn yan registered dh td tapi rasa was-was plak sbb wan kata event tu macam lebih utk bdak biotek jer
wan: ye la damia saya pn berat nak pergi ni..
me: tapi kalo track 2 tu kan lbh pada biomed
dila: nani pun dah cancel nama dia,ramai kot yang cancel balik
ati: mcm tak berbaloi je
wan: saya nak balik la, lama tak balik
me: suka hati korang la..

Frankly speak,
frustrated flow as rapid as my blood flow inside my whole body. Filling me with somekind of uneasy mood that night..

Less of us feel the important of this event.
To be "husnuzon" (maybe dorang kesempitan wang kot or ada aktiviti lain yang lbh penting) Im telling myself

Almost 15 of us joined this event.

I must said that, this 3 days program benefit me in many aspects

  • I have the broadest view, insyAllah that biomedical and biotechnology walk together and it is not the 2 different field of scienes
  • you can see the future of being a bio graduate, we no longer need to be afraid of any stupid rumors saying that "budak biomedic ni ada kerja ke nnt" chances are everywhere
  • you can get to know so many laureates who had developed so many research
  • have a chat with "bukan calang-calang orang"
  • find place for industrial training
  • understand that everything that had been discussed in the class is mentioned continuosly in the event (see how can we apply our knowledge)
  • get to know with so many peoples of different nations and country
  • and many many more
I will try my best to share every single things that I captured in this event.
From time to time I will try to publish or upload slides, photo or contents discussed in the conferences

Hope it benefits you maximumly.

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