Aug 11, 2011

Ramadhan Booster For Bookaholic

Assalamualaikum wbt

I might be categorized as an outdated girl to introduce you to this book.
But allow me to take sometime, in this such lamest page of mine to promote and to introduce first .

Those people out there who happened had a chance to read this book, then Alhamdulillah. Allah had met us with such a lovely book written by an eager person who desperately wanted to be closer to Him.

For those who still didn't have that chance , then my advice will be:
"what are you waiting for? go to the nearest bookstore, grab this chance, and buy it!"

You'll never regret of owning this book. Trust me.

When you take sometime to think what else can you benefit in this Holy month of Ramadhan. I would suggest you to make an interconversion of your hobby.

If you love facebooking and twittering just to know an inevitable update of your friends, then why dont you boost up part of youself with reading something that can update your soul with the Only Creator, The Sustainer and the One Who only Him that we Worship, Allah.

In walking such a resilient path called life, we may sometime forget to whom our everything must be dedicated to. I have learned many beautiful things in chasing a good relationship with Allah from this book. Thus, I want you to learn it as well.

We want this holy month to be special for us. A moment that can't be forgotten.
We want to be the best for the sake of Allah.

And for the sake of Him also, let's find something that bring us closer to Him.

Therefore let's reading this!
You will feel the miracle behind the author words.

Happy Reading =)

Best Regard
Nurul Damia Bt Mohamad Sofian

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Harir Al-Azraq said...

Ade da buku ni kat umah, tp blm bace lagi~ ^^
InshaAllah akn baca~!

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