Aug 11, 2011

Perihal Amru Arif

Assalamualaikum wbt

Amru, this is what we called him with.
seldom people call him with his last name Arif. Born as the 4th member from the 5th really making most of his time tough and sometime influence his emotional stability.

Having Adam as his last brother, there are times, or maybe most of the time.. the attention was not really on his side. It hurts psychologically to be in that kind of situation. When age need to be considered, 10 years old kid, for gives a tremendous impact.

Despite all Amru Arif, you should have known that..

One day when you grow up to become the person that you wanted to be, you may stumble upon this memory. At first, when you started to think about it, you may feel that the memory of your young age hurts you a lot. In such way that you believe your own family abandon may think that it is unbearable..but when you allow yourself to reflect twice, you begin to realize that all of those things is the memory that train you to become more and more wiser day by day.

Dear Amru Arif,

This is my 4th brother with hidden potential and ability.
Most of my family rather see him as the most laziest member in the house, while Im the other way round.
Its quite sometime that I saw a hidden quality lie within this young boy heart...
He has a very generous heart of remembering others...while you throw so may hates in him, he throws back a bundent of good memory, a memory that he burried inside as the reason to remember you.

Thus, Im asking myself: Is this young boy learn how to hate?? Amru did you??

He used to hate people, and forget it the other day.
How do I know?? I knew from him =)

Kids, at this young age is so vulnerable, they have the intensity to easily be hurt physically or emotionally. Same goes to Amru, he had experienced such a tough day listen a mockingbird curse out the words which is 'sharp like knife'.

Who's the mocking bird??

Let the question alone be left unanswered.
Let only both of us know, 'who is' or 'who are' the mentioned mockingbird.

Betul tak Amru =)

I am writing this, on behave of his broken heart..
I am your good listener Amru Arif, do tell me your stories..if it can lessen the burden at your young age.

Dear Amru Arif,

May Allah reward you with success in life and hereafter,
May you grow up to become part of people that fight for Rejuvenation of Islam,
May Allah guides you in every path that you take, and may He instills the best quality of Muslim man in you.

Above all Amru Arif,
this is my only page that unveil

Perihal Amru Arif

Best Regard
Nurul Damia Bt Mohamad Sofian

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