Jul 11, 2010

Journey In Healthmedic Research Part 1

Assalamualaikum wbt,

3 month of this long semester break holiday brought me to my one of the most greatest experience of my life. Working in the Healthmedic Research was not an any ordinary place that everyone wish could be.

Healthmedic is the first Malaysian company established to work on evaluating the industrial and consumer products such as cosmetic, medical and dental devices, chemicals, herbal products and biomaterials  suitability with human and animal skin. Currently we are applying for both GLP accreditation and certification of ISO 17025 in each area of study.

Realized that nothing much to said, I considered myself "lucky" Alhamdulillah. Solehah, a best friend of mine is the first person that offering me this job. 

But how Solehah is involved in this? 

Well, to conclude, 
the Study Director of Healthmedic which is Dr Saadiah is Solehah's mom by the way..then this is how the web of relation link between Me-Solehah-Dr Saadiah-and Healthmedic.

So many things that had been learned in 2 months of time..my journey here is something that brought thousand of memories...to cope with hectic environment in scientist working place, I managed to grab 2 main elements in this robust air of environment :

The first element is the Worldly elements which is (Duniawi) while,
The Second element is the Hereafter which is (Ukhrawi)...

And to share with all of my dearest friends, here are the first elements that I managed to zipped deep within my smallest heart and my larger mind :

  1. It is most important to adapt with our working environment in just a blink of eyes, to work in most comfort manner, I do think that an individual require this.
  2. Learn to be the fast learner in order to become the most productive worker. 
  3. In any given situation,be like a lawyer that require proof as their continuity of works. Every task that had been given to us make sure that we had for at least a valid reference as a proof that it had been written somewhere.
  4. A scientist shall be particular in every works that had been given, be familiar with questions like why,how,when,where who and what. Do not take things as simple as it should be, think beyond it surfaces. Because that is how a scientist must be.
  5. Plan our work systematically, complete what is most important and always ask your head when there is any uncertainty in our works.

Alhamdulillah the chance fated by Allah to a slave like me was most precious in paving my journey, I am seek to do more in my future. To rainbow my journey beyond the given color and draw it more percisely than what Da Vinci did in his Mona Lisa InsyAllah.

The second elements of journey in Healthmedic Research will be continue in Part 2.
and May Allah bless us all..

Damia Leon 

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