Jul 13, 2010

Journey In Healthmedic Research Part 2

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Dr Saadiah once told me:
"Bekerja biar kerana Allah, bukan kerana saya"
this is the fact of what Islam had taught us long time ago..because of Dr being so zeal upon this words,  make me realized that how many times a day that i had started my day because of Allah...
Again this one of your countable deed Damia, it can be counted..because it is too little that I am starting my day because of Allah..
May Allah have mercy in me

This second part of my journey were something that touches my heart the most..having Kak Pah, Kak Ila, Kak Mahani, Kak Raudah, Nana and Kak Mimi around beautify my everyday in Healthmedic..they were the heart and the brain behind Healthmedic..

A team that working so hard to satisfy everyones need, understandable, reliable upon any housework and for the most part my best "unni" ever..through time, the air where I shared with them will always filled with laughter and joy..our hectic days were the second issues that matter most, what most important is to cherish the time together.. This is what Kak Mahani once told me.

From Kak Pah I learned that a good daughter is a good listener, a good chef to her mother, a good maid to her family and a good partner to her father..Kak Pah often brought me to my twilight world, a world of my imagination and reflect..carrying so many advice from Kak Pah had surely make me reflect about all the wrong things and all the wrong deeds I had did to Umi and Abuya..for the rest of my life, i am never going to be perfect in any way..not just having an advice about how a daughter should be, but Kak Pah never failed to keep encouraging me about how a good wife should be..

A good wife from Kak Pah Dictionary of Life's mean someone who is back boning her husband, more toughest than a concrete and more flexible like a spring, a wife should be someone who is reliable in every aspect of marriage life..can you imagine that..I cant really understand when she first said this few words to me..but after my last day in Healtmedic Research I began to understand the wisdom behind her words..May Allah bless her.

From Kak Ila I learned that a good conversation will always help in every relationship...did you get what I truly mean..be gentle when talking to everyone, be strict when giving orders, be soft when talking with parents and be a wanted wife when talking to your husband..we will achieve people respect based on how we respect their rights and priority, their feelings and thoughts..do remember what goes around come back around

This 2 person are my good mentor..
From Kak Mahani, Kak Raudah, Kak Mimi and Nana..
most of the time we share everything together, foods and drinks, money and cents,thoughts and story, also joy and sweats...
Thanks for the memory..
May Allah bless them all..

May Allah place us in a place that we are able to learn about life in a more blessing manner..
May Allah open our mind and heart upon how to lead a life based on the reality of Islamic way of life..
May we earn the life of Dunia as a place that promised us Heaven in hereafter..

And with that I thank you.

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