Nov 29, 2009

The Me

Let me make it simples, a closer look about who am I

  • name : Nurul Damia Bt Mohamad Sofian
  • age : 21 years old
  • dob : 23 January 1988
  • pob : Pusat Rawatan Islam Jalan Ipoh (PUSRAWI)
  • institute : IIUM Kuantan Campus
  • course : Biomedical Sc
  • siblings : 5 (I am the eldest)
  • food : Soups
  • drink : Milk
  • hobby : Games
  • sport : recently addicted to Paintball
  • anime : Bleach
  • movie : Resident Evil
  • music : "Everybody Changing" by Keane
  • colors : black, white, red, brown, green and blue
I am simple at most time, however at some certain extent I can be critical and unpredictable. I can be crazy over a thing and behave normal over many things, Insyallah it's all depend on the circumstances

I hope to seek more friends from all around the globe, we can share and discuss on many things, exchange ideas, thoughts and view and execute our plans on anythings.

Last but not least,
Let's have each other =)

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::The Spinning Wheel:: said...

ada blog sudah kamu.. mari share ape2 yg best!

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